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Because this post will be about my planner, and because I got that planner from an American brand and I plan in English, I will write this post in English. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment in Dutch or send me a Dutch mail, however.

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  • Planner. For me, it’s important to have both a monthly as well as a weekly view (Happy Planner by mambi)
  • A variety of stickers, both functional as well as decorative
  • Pocket printer (LG)
  • Regular printer
  • Pretty images from the internet
  • Glue stick and liquid glue
  • Pen (Micron 0.2)

1. Monthly view

IMG_5785 (1)IMG_5786 (1)

My planner is strictly for my spare time activities. I work fulltime, so there’s not a lot of time in a day left. Because I have a studio and teach workshops on the weekends, that’s mainly what I focus on. Of course, other things slip in, but those are not my main focus. I plan my months first. I use this view with post-its to update my website’s schedule and send out my newsletter.

Because I teach workshops that only go through if people sign up, I plan these workshops on post-its in my monthly view. Along with other activities I may have. If someone signs up, I finalize that spot in my planner with a decorative sticker that jumps out and the name and time of that workshop. My blog doesn’t have a set schedule – I try to post as often as possible – so those posts are not factored in. If I start with creating videos, which is one of my goals, I may create a schedule here to have an overview.

2. Weekly prep


Because this is my spare time planner, I (mentally) divide the blocks up in hours. Roughly from 7 to 9 PM or 8 to 11 PM, depending on how my evening goes. I don’t write this in, because it’s not set in stone.

I set up and decorate my weekly view beforehand. Sketch out how big my li’l boy is, stick in fixed appointments, that sort of thing. Most importantly, I also add my ambitions in the left side-bar. They’re not my goals, because there are usually way too many. But these are things I’d like to accomplish, if there’s time. That way, I don’t get discouraged if I don’t finish them all and just move them over to the next week. So far, it’s worked great!

3. Weekly as I go


As the week goes on, I update what I’ve done and add this to the separate days. I also add photos from my pocket printer. Usually of projects I’m particularly proud of or fun get-togethers with friends and family. At the end of the week, I can quickly see what I’ve done and what still needs doing. It’s also a great way to review the past week when you plan ahead for the next week. Did I miss any ambitions? Are they still my ambitions? If so, move ‘em over! I love my system 🙂

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